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Compact SSDR

Innoflight’s Solid State Data Recorder (SSDR) is a compact device featuring high capacity (up to 150 Gigabytes to 1.5 Terabytes in a single slice), low power (below 10 Watts), and high data rates. It is designed for use in small satellites and aviation applications where size, weight, and power are critical issues yet advanced functionality is required. COTS standard high speed interfaces such as: Ethernet, Spacewire and Camera Link, as well as custom interface solutions (optical, custom LVDS, etc…) allow the SSDR to interface to a wide variety of data sources. Secure data storage and transmission encryption support is available through bulk encryption or IPSEC/HAIPE via Ethernet or HDLC.

Innoflight’s Compact SSDR is available in a CubeSat form factor with at least 80 Gigabytes of capacity

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