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F6 Technology Package System

DARPA’s System F6 Program envisions a new space mission concept in which a cluster of smaller, wirelessly connected spacecraft replaces the typical single spacecraft carrying numerous instruments and payloads. Innoflight’s F6TP (INNOF6TP) is a low cost, commercialized physical instantiation of the open source F6 Developers Kit (FDK), which allows any spacecraft to participate in an F6-enabled cluster.  It involves encryption, high rate wireless communication interfaces and support for Ethernet, Spacewire and RS422 standards.

The INNOF6TP features an ARM Cortex-A9 dual core 32-bit processor architecture, which can operate in AMP, SMP modes with Linux support, and a hardware cryptographic accelerator.  Its FPGA-based hardware architecture is on-orbit programmable permitting affordable and timely modifications and/or adaptations for multi-mission support.  There is sufficient on-board memory to store multiple HW/SW personalities.

The INNOF6TP can be supplied with a Linux Board Support Package (BSP).

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