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Space Networking

Innoflight’s networking products enable the use of Internet Protocol (IP) for communication: (a) between space and ground; (b) between spacecraft; (c) between various subsystems of a monolithic spacecraft; and (d) between modular aerospace vehicles in a fractionated spacecraft.  Physical interfaces scale up to Gigabit Ethernet.  For networking between vehicles, and between space and ground Innoflight provides secure communications through its modern COMSEC efforts.

The IP Satellite Access System (IPSAS™) is an innovative system designed to bridge the gap between traditional ground stations and modern IP-based networks. The IPSAS line of products is designed to easily integrate into established ground stations and provide true IP over the link to the spacecraft directly from mission control.

Innoflight offers a number of smallsat related TCP/IP products. All products can be adapted to your specific needs and can support a host of platforms to include: UAVs, balloons, near space platforms and remotely operated stations.