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Payload Interface Controller

The Payload Interface Controller (PIC) is space flight heritage single board flight computer (e.g., C&DH and GN&C) and part of Innoflight’s overall PIE architecture. Sensors, actuators and propulsion system interface and drivers are available on a number of individual Payload Interface Mezzanine (PIM) products, or have been integrated with the PIC on a single slice as a Power Management Controller or Propulsion Controller.  The design includes an FPGA-embedded processor (ARM Cortex-M1 on-orbit) that can be changed depending on the computing and power requirements. Through our deep experience in FPGA design, we provide sophisticated smarts in a single device and add built-in space environment performance and reliability improvement mechanisms.

Much of this technology has been leveraged in many of Innoflight’s processing products, including F6TP.

Also available in CubeSat form factor.

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