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Propulsion Controller

Innoflight’s SmallSat Integrated Propulsion Controller (SIPC) is digital control interface unit responsible for command and control of a SmallSat propulsion subsystem and for interfacing with the spacecraft.

SIPC is developed from Innoflight’s flight-heritage Payload Interface Electronics (PIE) with minimum modification: leveraging the Payload Interface Controller (PIC) as-is, and incorporating the propulsion interfaces into a propulsion Payload Interface Mezzanine (PIM) card.

SIPC operates the high-level software application developed for the SmallSat’s CONOPS profile.  SIPC can load its code via the serial interface at power-on or have the software programmed on SIPC so that it boots automatically when powered on.  In both cases, SIPC always boots in a payload safe mode where all critical propulsion controls are safed.

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