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Single Board Dosimeter Controller

The SBDC highly leverages the space flight heritage PIE slice with Dosimeter PIM into a single board solution.  Both the SBDC and Dosimeter PIE slice provide on-orbit dose measurement of total dose and dose rate.  Since the dosimeter sensor is volatile the SBDC provides boosted DC/DC conversion to power the dosimeter and a power supply to power peripheral electronics on the SBDC.  The SBDC design will accommodate a sleep mode that can place the SBDC in a low power mode while maintaining power to the dosimeter. The SBDC functionality includes a data interface FPGA that will interface to the spacecraft via an I2C protocol.  Through our deep experience in FPGA design, we provide sophisticated smarts in a single device and add built-in space environment performance and reliability improvement mechanisms.  Because the dosimeter sensor is temperature sensitive the SBDC monitors SBDC temperature and interleave temperature telemetry via the I2C data interface.

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