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Secure IP Based Communications

The Innoflight Company and the experience of its personnel are leading the small business aerospace industry in the use of secure IP (Internet Protocol) for advanced and net-centric communication links. Part of our success is due to an insistence on using RFC’d standards and non-proprietary operating software to enable affordability and rapid expandability. We strive for secure, seamless and transparent connectivity from any sensor to the end user connected to the global Internet or other IP network. Innoflight principals were the lead engineers for NASA’s CHIPSat bus; CHIPSat is the first spacecraft to use IP as the primary link communications protocol. Innoflight has assisted NASA Glenn Research Center in providing space-to-ground communications enabling technology in support ISS and STS commercial router and IP testing. Last, Innoflight’s use of IP and its related protocols and applications provide the modularity and open, non-proprietary standard sought after by the Spacecraft Plug-n-Play Avionics (SPA) and Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) initiatives.

Innoflight offers a wide variety of secure IP communication design and services for aerospace vehicles. Our technology can be adapted to your specific needs and support a host of platforms to include: Satellites, UAVs, near space platforms or virtually any vehicle or remote system that relies on connectivity to the Global Information Grid.

Innoflight also offers a full complement of its IPSAS™ (Internet Protocol Satellite Access System) products to establish full and transparent secure IP communications from the space vehicle Local Area Network (LAN) all the way to the spacecraft and payload operators and end users.


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