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Space Ethernet Switch

Space Ethernet Switch is a part of Innoflight’s IPSAS suite of IP-centric spacecraft bus components. Space Ethernet Switch is a flight spacecraft Ethernet switch for up to 18 subsystems, including two high speed (1 Gbps) and 16 lower speed (10 or 100 Mbps). Space Ethernet Switch includes automated monitoring for its own health as well as the health of peripherals on the bus. Advanced Ethernet features like VLANs allow segregation of the physical network into multiple logical networks ensuring isolation between unrelated spacecraft hardware akin to the traditional rats-nest wiring approach while allowing the ultimate flexibility of a switched network. Quality of Service ensures high priority traffic always takes precedence over lower traffic priority to ensure reliable transmission of important data. Latency through the switch is low and predictable.

The SpaceWire option is also available. The SpaceWire standard ensures compatibility and high-performance between sub-system levels and other components on the spacecraft. This standard results in cheaper, easy integration, and faster build.

Much of this technology is being leveraged for F6TP.

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